Trafic Van - Engine

The Heart of the Trafic

The Heart of the Trafic

A product of the latest-generation 1.6 dCi block developed by Renault, the new Trafic Twin Turbo diesel engine benefits from the best in modern technology to bring fuel consumption down.The TwinTurbo engine allows you to achieve fuel economy below 7.6L/100 km, astonishing for a van in this class. 

Twin Turbo Efficiency 

The double stage turbocharging allows for flexible driving and instant pick-up, even under load, while giving more power at high speeds. The first low inertia turbo provides high torque from low speeds to give you greater responsiveness when pulling away and restarting. Greater savings and greater driving pleasure! With the new Trafic, you win however you look at it. The second turbocharger takes over at higher speeds, letting you call on more power without running out of steam, giving you smooth, steady and regular acceleration.
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