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Budget Car of the Year

Sandero Expression


Renault Sandero Expression scoops budget car of theyear

The Consumer Awards was establishedto be the most prestigious, credible and influential awards programme in theSouth African motor industry.’sawards programme has a multi-faceted judging process, based on inputs from fourmembers of the experienced editorial team and three highly respected external jurors (non-motoringjournalists, who were selectedfor their analytical ability). The combined jury allocated scores to the threefinalists in each category based on their assessments from a test day (on whichall vehicles were compared back-to-back), as well as comprehensive feedback fromthousands of South African new vehicle owners who participated in the’s Owner Satisfaction Survey, as well as statistics suppliedby leading automotive industry data specialists, Lightstone Auto.

Best value for money

In order tohave been eligible for this category, contenders had to meet the followingcriteria: a list price of R150000 or less at the time of semi-finalistvoting (June 22 2015), including the cost of any of the followingfeatures (if they were optional): ABS, dual front airbagsanda service plan. The most important judgingfactors were: fuel economy, value for money, practicality and brand strength.

“The Sandero is modern and solid offering. Despite its keen price, itstill manages to maintain excellent levels of standard safety equipment andin-car entertainment.”— AshleyOldfield

The Awards judging process

The Consumer Awards is different to otherautomotive-themed award programmes in a number of ways… The team considered each and every model in the new vehicle market —candidates were evaluated as individual models and not as parts of completemodel line-ups. What’s more, candidates were eligible for an award irrespectiveof when they were launched.

The importanceof incorporating consumer input

The Owner Satisfaction Survey, developed inassociation with leading automotive data specialists Lightstone Consumer,incorporated feedback from thousands of South African owners (of vehicles newerthan five years old), who rated their own cars for reliability, after-salesservice, cost of ownership and general satisfaction. This credible, invaluable consumer input, allied with resalevalue data per vehicle brand supplied by the Auto division of Lightstone,allowed the jurors to adjust their final scores to reflect consumers’experiences as well as vehicle brands’ market performance.

“Thereare many awards programmes out there that claim public participation, but whatwe mean when we talk of consumer input, is not a popular voting mechanism,”said Consumer Experience Manager Hannes Oosthuizen. “We didn’t wanta ‘beauty pageant’… we wanted real, credible input, and the only way to do thatis for the public to give us their views on the cars they know best — the onesthey own. The only way the public can impact the results of the Awards is by completing our survey, done in partnership withLightstone Consumer.”

Theresults of the Consumer Awards were verified by respected auditingfirm KPMG.

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