Renault Kwid Offer | Terms and Conditions

NB: license restrictions not covered under this policy - 

1.) comprehensive Insurance cover for private use only for the first 12 months of ownership. this cover will terminate if the vehicle is repossessed, sold to another person within the first 12 months, or if the original vehicle covered is written off. that is to say, it will cover one owner and one vehicle. 

2.) cover is dependent, of course, on a valid driver’s license, and should a vehicle be written off the client will not qualify for the included insurance offer should they purchase another Kwid.  

3.) a standard excess structure applies as follows*: first claim (Basic excess): R7,500 second claim within 12 months: R5,000 Windscreen 20% minimum R500 

4.) additional excess structure for any claim within the first 90 days of ownership as follows R7,500 (in addition to the basic excess)*: 

5.) additional excess structure any claim after 90 days as follows (in addition to the basic excess)*: Single Vehicle accident: 5% of claim, minimum R2,500 License less than 2 years: R3,000 Driver under the age of 25: R3,000 * NOTE: if the client has any questions or queries regarding the excesses, the structure or application, or anything to do with the policy at all, these need to be referred to a RODEL Representative for resolution 

6.) The client can choose to pay a basic excess waiver for R199 per month, this will waive only the basic excess of R7,500. Windscreen and additional excesses will still apply. The attached enrolment form has an additional section detailing the optional excess waiver which the client must accept (at a cost to the client of R199 per month) or decline by means of ticking the appropriate box on the form. Any other matters relating to the waiver need to be discussed directly with a RODEL representative. 

7.) Should the client decline the included insurance, or not qualify, by virtue of the usage of the vehicle, there is no rebate applicable from Renault SA or discount to be offered to the client relative to the value of the insurance cover.  

8.) Enrolment of the client is the dealerships responsibility, included in this mail is a two page form that needs to be completed and signed by the client. It must then be returned to Rodel who will issue an insurance confirmation letter to the dealer. It is imperative that this letter is received as soon as possible as it is a condition of vehicle finance approval to have this letter in place prior to delivery. 

9.) It needs to be re-iterated that we are not offering Insurance advice or “free” insurance. Renault SA is including the cover in the purchase price of the vehicle. Please do NOT advertise free insurance.  

10.) No tracking device is required.  

11.) At the end of every Month, Rodel will provide Renault SA with a reconciliation of all vehicles enrolled, which Renault SA will reconcile with vehicles reported. No further action will be required from the dealer, once the confirmation is received - the vehicle is insured.

Rodel’s contact details (011) 100 1999