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In keeping with our brand values, RENAULT THUSO aims to have a positive impact on the lives of others within our society. through identified csi initiatives, we strive to help those who are in need of upliftment across the spheres of youth development, education and road safety.

wheel well

Renault South Africa is proud to be a longstanding partner of wheel well. together we strive to keep children safe on our roads.

wheel well drives awareness of critical road safety issues in south africa, promotes educational initiatives around road safety and strengthens legal protection for children’s road safety, thereby protecting the lives of our precious children.
Wheel well has certainly made positive inroads in the reduction of the death toll of children on South African roads since their inception, and continues to do so.
stats from 2019 show that 3876 children died in road crashes.

every child that dies is one child too many.milestone achievements:
  •  a 24% decrease in child road fatalities since 2012
  • over 9584 children have received safe and clean seats through the ‘car seats for kids’ campaign.
  • successful amendment to regulation 231 of the nrta whereby children are now classified as a load on vehicles
  • increase of the mandatory age for car seats use to 6 years in line with regulation 213 of the nrta
  • redoubling of efforts in the ‘car seats for kids’ campaign
  • improvements to post crash car of children who have been involved a car crash
  • more transparency around the data collection for road death statistics   

RENAULT THUSO honours the vital importance of the contribution wheel well serves within the sphere of child road is in our hands to protect the lives of children on our roads by creating safer driving are invited to donate any unused car seats to this worthy cause at any one of our Renault Dealerships.   

active education

Active education foundation was founded in in 2007. the foundation started focussing on road safety in 2011. this initiative introduces basic road safety rules and concepts into the school curriculum by means of fun activations that promote recollection of the concepts. they use catchy songs and memorable dances to highlight the shared information.

since inception the initiative has seen over 2 million school children at over 2 500 schools across south africa, swaziland and lesotho.

active education has a partnership agreement with the department of basic education which allows them to visit both community and model c schools in an effort to incorporate road safety into the curriculum for a better South Africa.

feel free to contact us should you want to make a positive contribution to this worthy initiative, as a brand or an individual.

E: , T: 011 849 7411, M: 082 555 3593/ 081 379 9105

Youth Development Ntethelelo foundation

The ntethelelo foundation is a non-profit organisation that is focussed on youth development. applied drama and theatre techniques are employed as facilitation tools for dialogue with young women and girls in order to help them build resilience and allow them a voice, with the aim of fostering behaviour and social change, healing and personal growth. the use of these theatre techniques and drama processes create safe spaces for individuals to challenge stereotypes.

the foundation is based in an informal settlement called sitjwetla, just outside of alexandra township in johannesburg, with their after school programme geared to accommodate  30 young women and 12 young men, ranging from 12 to 18 years of age.


We have been the vehicle sponsor of the iaae for 7 years, and are proud to be in continued association with i am an entrepreneur.

it's at times like these that entrepreneurship is so important for the much-needed building of our economy. this partnership allows us to showcase our amazing Renault range to up-&-coming entrepreneurs, as well as show our ongoing support of those who are passionate to share their expertise by entering into their own business.